Rehabilitation - to Restore to Useful Life

Are your old wood windows sticky or impossible to open and close? Does air leak into and out of your building through gaps between the sash and the casement? Are the sash cords or pulleys broken or inoperable?

Our window "Tune-up" services will restore your wood windows to be fully operable and useful again.

Window Operation - we can free-up your windows and make the sash operate as they were originally designed. Our skilled technicians carefully replace sash cords, re-fit sash and sash stop for smooth operation, and repair all moving parts. When we are done, both the top and bottom sash can move up and down as they were originally intended which will help keep rooms cooler during the summer months. Also, the window sash are adjusted to come together and seal to reduce air leakage, keeping rooms warmer in winter months.

Glass and Putty Replacement - replacing broken glass and old, cracked putty glazing is part of the on-going maintenance of these old wood windows. We offer both antique "wavy" glass and standard glass replacement using traditional putty glazing methods. Depending on the putty conditions and project budget, partial or complete putty removal and re-glazing can be done to stop air leaking around the glass and bring the windows back to their original beauty.

Hardware Repair and Replacement - locks, handles, pulls, and hinges......these are the "jewelry" of vintage windows. Once the old paint is removed and the hardware cleaned and polished, both functionality and visual appearance can be restored to its intended purpose. And, if hardware is broken or missing, we have several sources for finding both original and reproduction hardware.

Repair or Replace Deteriorated Wood - depending on the condition, wood can often be repaired with stabilizing epoxy, a two-part resin system used to repair damaged and deteriorated wood. When wood is beyond repair, we can replace it with matching components.

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